Breeding Philosophy

We have held fifteen successful annual on-property sales since 1997.

The reasons you should be interested in K.O. cattle are that they are:

  1. Larger or framier than average
  2. Powerful and thick
  3. Heavier than average on a weight for age basis (off grass).
  4. Fertile
  5. We cull harder at K.O. than most breeders.

We believe that:

  1. The smaller an animal’s frame the easier it is for that animal to appear thick.
  2. The larger an animal’s frame the harder it is for the animal to appear thick.
  3. Most breeders are offering for sale smaller framed animals with differing degrees of thickness.
  4. At K.O. we are “not” taking the easy route (that is, by breeding shorter thick appearing bulls) — at K.O. we are selectively breeding larger framed but also thick cattle. Whilst this is hard to do, we believe we are succeeding.

Come and have a look at our cattle and make up your own mind. They are worth a look.

Bull Sale Results

Our inaugural Bull Sale was held in 1997. Since then we have had successful Bull Sales every year. My measure of success at Bull Sales is the clearance rate, not the average sale price.

Theo Onisforou